Bilderberg It and They Will Come feat. Alex Jones

Written by CS January 13, 2013
Calendar Idea: Babes of the Bilderbergs

With conspiracy theorist icon Alex Jones in the news this week thanks to his loquacious assault on CNN’s Piers Morgan, I thought this to be a good time to post up the Bilderberg documentary Nigel and I did featuring my exclusive interview with him.

As caustic as Jones can come off in the media, he’s really very affable and accommodating in person. The man is a human dynamo of undying energy and zeal, but still remembers that it all comes down to people and changing minds.

While I can’t support Jones’ recent view on lax gun restrictions, I do think he does a good job of illuminating serious events that often remain in mainstream shadows.

Case in point, his dogged pursuit of the Bilderberg Group. Before it was cool to follow the Occupy movement, Jones was traveling the world shouting at these guys in their luxury hotels through a bullhorn.

Explicit and villainous world domination aren’t the stated goals of Bilderberg (in fact they make a point to not state any goals) but Jones would have you see it that way.

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New Columbus Based Horror Film Debuts

Written by CS November 26, 2012
Get the first aid kit.

Aaand we’re back!

As most of you know by now, Overbites is a Central Ohio located video production company, specifically based in the heart of Columbus. And while there are a ton of talented people in this city, it’s not everyday a full feature length film is produced in its limits.

However, Jay Woelfel, a Columbus-native and Ohio State grad has done just that. “Season of Darkness” is an exciting new supernatural horror film written to include many Columbus landmarks such as the Columbus Museum of Art and the Scioto River quarries.

It took Jay nearly 20 years to realize the complete production and shows once again that persistence is one of the strongest qualities to possess in the entertainment business.

If you live in the Columbus area, show Jay some love tonight November 26, 2012 by attending the world premiere at the Drexel Theater. The film rolls at 7:45pm and will have several cast members in attendance–not to mention yours truly who will definitely be staking out a seat.

Come on out and say hello.

It’s Time for Pizza!

Written by CS October 18, 2012
I just wish you kids could vote.

Good lord where have I been, right? Well turns out when you start a new job and work another your blogging time drops off a freakin’ cliff.

But fear not. We’ll be back once again next week with regular updates and what not.

In the meantime enjoy another classic Overbites Irvine for Congress spot that’s sure to make your day a bit more manageable.

Dave Price in The Little Mermaid ‘Part of Your World’ Parody

Written by CS October 6, 2012
Don’t drink coffee, can’t have sake, long underwear.

Here’s one from Overbites extended extended extended network. Basically Travis and I used to be camp counselors with this dude back during our ol’ high school days in Bexley, Ohio.

Actually my first memory of Dave is him playing Danny Zuko in a BHS production of Grease, so when I saw this I had to post. It’s a creative and well produced parody of “The Little Mermaid’s” ‘Part of Your World’ starring who else but Mitt Romney in the part of Ariel.

Dave grew up in a Mormon household so he’s got a nice little perspective on this. Check out his other stuff on

“Droppin’ some bombs on that…what do you call it…oh…Iran.” Priceless!

Fear and Loathing and Bubblegum

Written by CS October 3, 2012
“Still humping the American Dream”

How’s this for a loose connection. Today’s the last day of regular season baseball. Which got me thinking about the Chicago Cubs and their 61-101 record and how much they continue to suck. Am I really considering making Matt Garza a 6th round keeper pick next year in my fantasy league? Craziness. Tell us more!!

Anyhoodle-a-doodle… the Cubs play in Wrigley Field which is still one of the best places to watch a game in any sport. But in addition to putting on quality athletic competition, the Wrigley family has been known to make some pretty delicious bubblegum in their day. I don’t care what anyone says about its rapidly diminishing flavor and petrified final state–Juicy Fruit is one of the tastiest things humankind has ever delivered.

And if someone asked me for the definitive video about bubblegum I would shake my head then undoubtedly show them Overbites Pictures “Bubblegum” from the mind of comedian Rob Cantrell.

You’ve got to love the bright color scheme and breakneck editing in this vid–not to mention the hot black girls. Bizarre at first glance, this music video gets more and more inane (in the best way possible) with every additional viewing.

So there you have it. It’s our first stream of consciousness blog post. I guess that’s what I get for writing while watching Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Purple pirate hooker.

Occupy What Street?

Written by CS October 2, 2012
I’m going to the future.

They just recently demolished the Occupy Columbus camp in front of the Statehouse. Say what you will about the movement, but these guys were committed. You try sleeping in a tent on the sidewalk for a year.

Here’s an Overbites report from the place where it all started–Zuccotti Park, New York City.

An Apology to America

Written by CS September 28, 2012
And we’ll repeal the tanning bed tax!

Hey guys, remember the GOP’s “Pledge to America” back in 2010? It was supposedly their road map to get America back on its feet by, well, today.

They promised that if we voted their members of Congress back in power they would turn around our declining economy, remove stuffy Washington insiders, and repair the social fabric that binds us all (read: get rid of abortion, gay, and immigration rights).

So now with two years of retrospect, how did they do? Are we glad we let them back in? I’m going to let the video speak for itself on this one…

Election day is Tuesday, November, 6th by the way.