Dave Price in The Little Mermaid ‘Part of Your World’ Parody

Written by CS October 6, 2012
Don’t drink coffee, can’t have sake, long underwear.

Here’s one from Overbites extended extended extended network. Basically Travis and I used to be camp counselors with this dude back during our ol’ high school days in Bexley, Ohio.

Actually my first memory of Dave is him playing Danny Zuko in a BHS production of Grease, so when I saw this I had to post. It’s a creative and well produced parody of “The Little Mermaid’s” ‘Part of Your World’ starring who else but Mitt Romney in the part of Ariel.

Dave grew up in a Mormon household so he’s got a nice little perspective on this. Check out his other stuff on waywire.com.

“Droppin’ some bombs on that…what do you call it…oh…Iran.” Priceless!

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