Bilderberg It and They Will Come feat. Alex Jones

Written by CS January 13, 2013
Calendar Idea: Babes of the Bilderbergs

With conspiracy theorist icon Alex Jones in the news this week thanks to his loquacious assault on CNN’s Piers Morgan, I thought this to be a good time to post up the Bilderberg documentary Nigel and I did featuring my exclusive interview with him.

As caustic as Jones can come off in the media, he’s really very affable and accommodating in person. The man is a human dynamo of undying energy and zeal, but still remembers that it all comes down to people and changing minds.

While I can’t support Jones’ recent view on lax gun restrictions, I do think he does a good job of illuminating serious events that often remain in mainstream shadows.

Case in point, his dogged pursuit of the Bilderberg Group. Before it was cool to follow the Occupy movement, Jones was traveling the world shouting at these guys in their luxury hotels through a bullhorn.

Explicit and villainous world domination aren’t the stated goals of Bilderberg (in fact they make a point to not state any goals) but Jones would have you see it that way.

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