An Apology to America

Written by CS September 28, 2012
And we’ll repeal the tanning bed tax!

Hey guys, remember the GOP’s “Pledge to America” back in 2010? It was supposedly their road map to get America back on its feet by, well, today.

They promised that if we voted their members of Congress back in power they would turn around our declining economy, remove stuffy Washington insiders, and repair the social fabric that binds us all (read: get rid of abortion, gay, and immigration rights).

So now with two years of retrospect, how did they do? Are we glad we let them back in? I’m going to let the video speak for itself on this one…

Election day is Tuesday, November, 6th by the way.

Question Mark Suit Guy, Matthew Lesko Thinks Spending is Out of Control

Written by CS September 26, 2012

Let’s keep with the program this week and feature another Overbites political spot. I’m sure you all recognize the person in the thumbnail as “Question Mark Suit Guy” or “that guy who gives free government stuff away.”

For anyone who cares, his name is actually Matthew Lesko, but he’s perfectly alright with the aforementioned monikers.

So how did a piddling little production company get Lesko to appear in their political ad…FOR FREE?!

Well, in this case the axiom holds true: it’s all about who you know.

As the story goes, Travis made videos for Matthew a few years back as “Little Lesko.” L.L. would travel the country, hawking “Grandpa Lesko’s” wares while the old man theatrically wasted away in a rest home. Good stuff.

So when his grandson went a’ runnin’ he came a’ spazzin’.

Obviously the dude is a pro on-camera. With minimal direction he ad-libbed his entire soliloquy off the top. He’s a true one-take Jake, folks.

And thanks to his help, the Irvine for Congress YouTube spots started going viral shortly after. Amazing what a little celebrity endorsement can do for you.

Like celebrities? Check this link to another I.4.C. ad featuring big Hollywood stars including Tommy Wiseau from “The Room.” Seriously.

The Kiss of Debt

Written by CS September 24, 2012
This one smells like debt.

This year’s campaign commercials have been especially negative. Obama himself has said that his ads may “go overboard.”

He must be referring to the one that linked a woman’s death to a steel plant closure at the hands of Bain Capital. That’s sensationalism at its finest, folks.

But the harsh truth is that negative spots draw attention. And the actual goal of these commercials is to garner “earned” media coverage as a result of the advertisements controversial claims.

Obama’s name received hundreds of free mentions in news reports through association with this ad and all he had to do was commit a logical fallacy.

And therein lies the real danger. These guys know they’re lying to us and they don’t care. It’s a premeditated, manipulative decision designed to distract people from the real issues.

If these are the ethics in which campaigns are run towards their constituents, imagine what these people are capable of in a time of war against others.

So to lighten the mood and remind everyone that politics doesn’t have to be dirty to make a point, here’s an Overbites campaign spot featuring adorable babies.

FatCat Tiberi: Down on Main Street

Written by CS September 19, 2012
I’m FatCat Tiberi and I approve this message.

Happy Wednesday, everybody! Here’s one of my favorite political spots Overbites has ever done.

Two years ago when Travis was running for U.S. Congress against Pat Tiberi in Ohio’s 12th district; Tiberi put out an awesomely lame commercial called “Down on Main Street.”

Here’s the original.

Lamely awesome, right? In response we created a version of the ad that resembled how Main Street really looks. How does Main Street really look, you ask? Here’s a comment posted to our YouTube upload that sums it up pretty well.

“I know exactly where that street shot is. A couple of crackheads cut through the boarded up window recently and were living in that storefront. Good thing the film crew was there when the sun was up.” – cayhurst


Also check out the crane shot in Tiberi’s ad. That one shot alone probably cost $800. Now compare it with our “crane” shot. This one cost nothing. Find out how we did it by clicking through.

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The Third Finger

Written by CS September 14, 2012
Give the two party system the third finger.

Hey, it’s only mid-September and already people are sick to death of the election foofarah. Whether it’s politicizing the death of an ambassador, appealing to deep-seated prejudices, or playing on people’s fears of economic ruin–these guys truly have no shame.

And their campaign ads are formulaic and pedestrian at best.

With all the millions of dollars these candidates have at their disposal it’s astounding they can’t find someone to make a decent spot that leaves an impression.

The only ones I can think of that people still talk about are Barry Goldwater’s “Daisy” and Ronald Reagan’s “Soft on Crime” ads. And even those are rife with fear and pandering argle-bargle.

But compare this cycle’s commercials to an advertisement Overbites produced back in 2010 called “The Third Finger.” TTF is eye catching, innovative, diverse, and completely devoid of fear or manipulation. Even if you’re watching with the sound off, this ad commands attention.

We made this with a four person production team for little to no money, while relying on our friends and family to express the message. Wouldn’t you rather see stuff like this than another grainy black and white attack ad with no teeth?

Overbites is actively accepting contracts for campaign commercial work, by the by. Email for more info.