It’s Time for Pizza!

Written by CS October 18, 2012
I just wish you kids could vote.

Good lord where have I been, right? Well turns out when you start a new job and work another your blogging time drops off a freakin’ cliff.

But fear not. We’ll be back once again next week with regular updates and what not.

In the meantime enjoy another classic Overbites Irvine for Congress spot that’s sure to make your day a bit more manageable.

An Apology to America

Written by CS September 28, 2012
And we’ll repeal the tanning bed tax!

Hey guys, remember the GOP’s “Pledge to America” back in 2010? It was supposedly their road map to get America back on its feet by, well, today.

They promised that if we voted their members of Congress back in power they would turn around our declining economy, remove stuffy Washington insiders, and repair the social fabric that binds us all (read: get rid of abortion, gay, and immigration rights).

So now with two years of retrospect, how did they do? Are we glad we let them back in? I’m going to let the video speak for itself on this one…

Election day is Tuesday, November, 6th by the way.