It’s Time for Pizza!

Written by CS October 18, 2012
I just wish you kids could vote.

Good lord where have I been, right? Well turns out when you start a new job and work another your blogging time drops off a freakin’ cliff.

But fear not. We’ll be back once again next week with regular updates and what not.

In the meantime enjoy another classic Overbites Irvine for Congress spot that’s sure to make your day a bit more manageable.

Occupy What Street?

Written by CS October 2, 2012
I’m going to the future.

They just recently demolished the Occupy Columbus camp in front of the Statehouse. Say what you will about the movement, but these guys were committed. You try sleeping in a tent on the sidewalk for a year.

Here’s an Overbites report from the place where it all started–Zuccotti Park, New York City.

Call the Roll: Travis Irvine

Written by TMI August 14, 2012
Post Picture
Just take a deep breath and talk to her. *barfs in hands*

Hi folks! I’m Travis and this here is a little company I’m a part of called Overbites Pictures. We make video and media pieces, and a lot of it will make ya fart.

I ain’t even jokin’ here! Really will just get that fart machine started. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing — with a wide range of comedy, musical and political content, we’ve carved out a nice little niche for ourselves on the Internet and beyond.

We do everything from music videos to promotional videos to professional campaign videos, and can even help you get them on TV! That being said, we also do goofy comedy shorts, short documentaries and full-length comedy features, so stay on your toes! We will make ya fart.

Feel free to watch our work here, view or buy our comedy feature Coons! Night of the Bandits of the Night on DVD — available from the legendary cult film group, Troma Entertainment — or view our short documentary American Mayor, which is available from Indie Media Entertainment, and was featured at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner.

All good stuff. But get those fartin’ pants on! ‘Cause we’ll make ya fart!